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Over the past few years, I’ve been experimenting and making gold jewelry for myself and friends. Instead of a flashy approach to adornment, these pieces embrace a more intimate, subtle appreciation for the natural warmth of the gold. They are designed to be layered, and some irregularities that come from the process of metalsmithing feel balanced alongside other pieces with clean, simple lines.

I love the beauty that comes with age and wear - nicks and scratches on well-loved pieces make them feel more complete. I designed many of the pieces so that I wouldn’t have to take them off. They have to be dependable and comfortable and move with me through life - at my job at a public school, at the gym, when I sleep, and especially when I travel.

As I think up new ideas, it gives me an excuse to learn more about the art and science of metalsmithing. And while I’m enjoying the process, the feedback I’ve gotten from friends and strangers has inspired me to make my jewelry available to others through Lado a Lado. Little stories and thoughts make me excited to share my work - like a friend telling me my gold bangles reminded her of those her grandma wore when she was growing up. Or a clerk in a department store letting me know that my gold bands were refreshing among the sea of flashy diamonds he sees every day. My husband, Karl, has also been incredibly supportive, and we started working side by side to bring my work to the public.

I started metalsmithing because I wanted to make beautiful objects.  I started Lado a Lado to share those objects with you.  I hope you find something here that you or a loved one finds beautiful!

Nikki Ladopoulos-Sturk
Designer and Metalsmith
Brooklyn, New York

A special thanks to friends and family who have encouraged me along the way.  To my teachers - Erin, Brian, Timothy, Sayumi, Jeanette, and Savannah. And to those who have been part of the other many creative processes that go into doing something like this - Gina, Suzi, Manjari, Anika, Claire, Manu, Julia, Prianka, and Lois. And to Karl, who falls into all three categories!

Select model and product photos by Suzi Sadler